Dr. Amber Stubbs, EdD
Work | Life Bend

Hi, my name is Amber.

I am an educator, an out-of-the-box wellbeing researcher, expert negotiator, the secret admirer of bliss, and the aficionado of knowledge. I believe that anyone can enjoy the bliss that a well-balanced life cultivates.
As a highly skilled productivity coach, I help you look at what interferes with your Work | Life balance and change it.  I use an advanced as well as proven methodology to help you attain the best possible results for your well-being. Some of my services include one-on-one online coaching, wilderness breakthrough sessions a MUST for anyone interested in therapeutic and life changing retreats, weekend packages, group sessions, and when you’re ready to break out on your own, ongoing coaching. 

How do I do this? There are three ways to become more empowered, blissful, and balanced:  change the situation, negotiate a better situation, or change how you look at the situation. I will help you analyze each difficult life situation, make the best decision for yourself, and implement it in a way that balances your life perfectly. I look forward to supporting you on your way to living a more balanced, blissful, and empowered life!

Bliss wishes,


In addition to providing Dr. Amber space to work with her clients, we are excited to offer classes and seminars created specially for Downward Dog.

Visit her website for more: http://www.worklifebend.com.